Interior Waterproofing

There are several reasons why the interior wrap method may be the best option

  1. The affected area cannot be accessed from the outside or there’s limited space available. 
  2. The water in the basement is not due to a foundation leak. 
  3. It can be done without major exterior excavation and in some cases, it can be done very quickly and economically. 

How does AquaFix waterproof your basement?

The Interior waterproofing method that AquaFix uses adds drainage on the inside of your home. The first step is to jackhammer the floor along the perimeter of the room, creating a channel for the water. The channel is then filled with gravel and a waterproofing membrane is also installed. The membrane acts as a barrier to keep water out of the room and the channel reroutes the water to a point of discharge, the sump pump. 

You can view the process in the images below.

interior wrap 500x375
Interior wrapping starts with jackhammering trench work.
INTERIOR_WRAP_2 500 x 375
This photo shows the finished trench.

This photo shows a big “O”, gravel fill, the waterproofing membrane, and the sump pump.

The trench is back-filled with gravel.
Now the trench is covered with concrete.

Our final interior waterproofing photo shows the finished wrap with the sump pump and floor.